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Dr Randall Ferrell explains the 'Proper Core Posture and Upper and Lower Cross exercises in this DVD.  

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Dr. Randall Ferrell is a classically trained chiropractor who uses his extensive knowledge of the human frame, diet, and the causes and prevention of disease in his comprehensive healing practice. Dr. Ferrell refers to his particular brand of healing as the “new traditional medicine” – a return to the roots of Western medicine in the teachings of Hippocrates. The new traditional medicine incorporates all the best of theshamanic, spiritual, and physical healing he has learned.

FAQ: Posture Rehabilitation Exercises

Q: What can I expect from practicing the postures in this DVD?

A. Put simply – better posture and therefore better health. The exercises in this DVD are designed to strengthen your muscles so that they can hold the head where it should be, aligned and balanced on the neck, and the shoulders back, chest out, hips aligned, and feet easily supporting your body’s weight evenly. 

Q: My problem isn’t a bad back, but digestive issues. Why are you recommending I do these exercises?

Anywhere a nerve travels in the body can be affected by nerve irritation. Many times the pain you are experiencing is a long way from the nerve irritation. For example, nerve irritations in the neck may be felt as pain in the wrist, hand, stomach or eyes. In other words, nerve irritation can create disruptions anywhere in the body. If I’ve given you these exercises to do, that means I’ve found nerve irritation that is linked with your particular health challenge, and know that these exercises are going to be an essential part of your healing.

Q: My posture is great right after my chiropractic treatment, but a day or two later I’m out of alignment again. Will the DVD help with that?

Yes. These exercises are really important for maintaining the good posture (and how much taller you are) after you see me for adjustments. Think of your head as having the approximate weight of a bowling ball. Have you ever tried to hold a bowling ball out in front of you for a few minutes? It’s very difficult. Your muscles become tired and weak, and may even cramp up. So many of us don’t realize how we hold our heads forward. Notice that the next time you’re at the computer or sitting and watching tv, or just walking down the street. Most people hold their head forward almost all the time. Studies have shown that for every inch our head goes forward, the body has to support 12-14 pounds of extra weight! Studies have also shown a direct relationship between our bent-over patterns and disease.

Q: How do these exercises improve my health?

When we are not properly aligned, our muscles pull on the vertebra (the bones in our back and neck). This irritates nerves whose job it is to send power and information to all the body’s parts. If these nerves are irritated, they can distort the messages they’re created to send, or stop sending them altogether. This is like a garden hose that has a kink or leak in it – the water doesn’t get to the plants, and so the plants wither and die. 

Your organs, muscles, tendons, digestion, breathing, movement and even thinking all rely on getting the correct and clear message from the nerves. So you can see how important it is that we have proper alignment, which in turn allows the nerves to do their job efficiently and effectively.

Q: I’m not very disciplined. How do I stay motivated to do these?

If feeling better and having good health, which in turn makes you look good and have more confidence, aren’t enough of a motivation, how about this – charisma and personal power. Nerves work by electrical conductors and all electrical conductors have a degree of magnetism to them. By doing these exercises, you’re increasing your magnetism and therefore your charisma. When you look and feel good, that is reflected in your overall presentation to the world around you. And one more thing – these exercises will make you feel stronger and subsequently more in control of your life.

Q: Are the exercises difficult and time consuming?

The postures are designed to allow you to practice them easily, quickly, anytime and anywhere.

Q: When will I see results from doing the exercises?

If done consistently 2x per day, these exercises will produce visible results within 1 to 3 months. But you’ll be able to feel the difference right away. Typically people will feel a change very quickly, and sometimes can be mildly sore at the beginning. Any soreness gets worked out right away. The exercises in this video will increase circulation and blood flow throughout the body, allowing the muscles to relax and pain to dissipate. 

Note: No one has asked about this, but I feel it’s important that you know that these exercises help with what I call “the art of body awareness”. Even after you do them the first time, you are getting more in touch with how you hold your body. You’ll notice your posture more during the day, and will find yourself correcting it. You’ll notice how you’re breathing more deeply when your posture is aligned.

My goal is to empower you to have control of your health. I can help you with the “big stuff”, but you can help yourself a lot by doing these exercises. 

Remember, it’s easier to stay well than it is to get well.

Dr. Randall W. Ferrell

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