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The Pyramid of Health - How chiropractic healing brings the body into balance so the body heals itself.


Part I: Foundation – Structure

Part 2: Nutrition and Spirit

Comprehensive Chiropractic – Healing the
Whole Person

How chiropractic healing brings the body into balance – so the body heals itself.

Part II: Nutrition & Spirit

Dr. Moss:  What about nutrition? Isn’t that important?

Dr. F:  Yes, but I do the posture work first for a reason. As we realign the body’s posture, nerves that have been irritated and haven’t been able to release the right enzyme or quantity of enzymes for digestion will begin to work. So the food we eat is digested better and we may not need to take any vitamins for the digestion.
   Nutrition can be important for other reasons, but here again, we look at the basic problem. If it’s caused by nerve irritation, adjustments will address that, and nutrition might be the tape over the oil light. When the basic problem is caused by a nutritional deficiency, we, of course, address that with nutritional supplements.

Dr. M:  What do the adjustments do more specifically?

Dr. F:  The adjustments help to free blocked movement of muscles, nerves, fluids, and energy patterns. When you have good circulation, toxins built up in the body can be removed. Otherwise, they will cause damage in areas where they build up and eventually will set up a state of inflammation, pain – which lets you know you had better change your ways – and then degenerate into some disease. Our brain and nervous system run every process and function in our body. If this system is blocked in any way, the body will slowly break down. Chiropractic adjustments help the body to remember and restore proper function, hence good health.

Dr. M:  Do you then need or use nutrition?

Dr. F:  Definitely. It is the next critical part of the pyramid of health. The structure gives us the firm foundation in which to balance our skeletal system for our spinal nervous system’s support. On the other side is the electromagnetic side, the glue, the energy that coordinates the body’s functions. This is based on biochemistry. The food we eat is where our energy and building materials come from. We used to get a lot of our minerals and vitamins from the foods we eat. Over the last 20 to 30 years, many studies have shown that due to the soil depletion of essential minerals, we are not getting what we need. We have a society that has been raised on fast and processed foods, and now there is a lot of questioning about this being the cause of many deficiencies and health issues today.
    So yes, I find that to bring people back to a state of good health, I need to use supplementation. I don’t use just any supplements. I found that using high-grade, pharmaceutical quality supplements, the results are more predictable. The vitamin industry is not very well regulated. Therefore the normal everyday consumer may not know there are great differences in vitamin quality. I use only what has been tried and proven effective by many doctors and nutritionists and supported by scientific studies as well as patients’ success stories. If we do not get the right quantity and combination of amino-acids, minerals, and enzymes, the body can’t rebuild torn down tissue, so we age. We also can’t break down the toxins that our body and the environment have produced for us, so our onboard detoxifier – the liver – can’t do its job. Our body then stores toxins, which the body will react to, causing more damage, more inflammation, more sickness, and more bouts with the dreaded diseases. So these supplements are key in building and sustaining our health.
  They may be an added expense, but in the long run, they prove to be a very inexpensive way to maintain health.

Dr. M:  In your pyramid of health, the foundation is structure alignment; the next part is nutrition. What’s next?

Dr. F:  The top of the pyramid is our spiritual quality of life. We need to be spiritually balanced as well.

Dr. M:  Is that something you consider in your treatments?

Dr. F:  Absolutely!  The great American mystic Edgar Cayce used to say that all healing comes from connecting with the divine. I often see that a patient’s healing crisis is also a spiritual crisis. Having a peaceful soul, understanding power, and finding meaning in life can all be incredibly healing to the body.
   I’ve always been fascinated with trying to figure out the nature of our reality. Quantum physics says that our reality is not what it appears to be. And therefore, our bodies are not what they appear to be. They’re probably much more dynamic than we can recognize. My feeling is that if we can truly understand what we are, we can unlock many secrets of healing. My sense is that we’re capable of much more than we now realize. Much of what I do has been scientifically proven to be effective, but I’m always aware of how mysterious and awesome true healing is.

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