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Dr. Randall Ferrell

You are unique - your treatment must be unique.

You will hear me refer to “natural law”; that’s my way of relaying the idea expressed here. I do not have a set protocol in dealing with various health concerns. For example, a stiff neck for one person might actually be caused by a misalignment in their feet. In another, it will be expressing a nutritional deficiency. In another, a stress response. With every office visit, with every patient, I listen to the communication of the body and determine the treatment accordingly.

There is an intelligence within each individual, which not only keeps us alive but coordinates, repairs, renews, and heals every cell of the body. Proper coordination, repair, healing, locomotion, motivation and genetic potential cannot be expressed when this life power is blocked.

Chiropractic adjustments release the interference to the nerve system, increasing its capacity to carry this life power. In addition, other modalities – such as nutrition, sound therapies, acupressure, and homeopathy – can be valuable aids in improving the flow of life force and therefore improving health.

I’d like for you to have a broadened vision of what your body is, of how dynamic it is. One of my goals is to empower you by educating you about your body and your health – and how you can help yourself heal.



"Sickness is not just an isolate event ..."  Nancy Scheper-Hughes & Margaret M. Lock, University of California

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