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What to Expect

We will discuss your commitment to your health and determine the best way to incorporate changes to improve your health – at your pace. Please let us know if you ever feel overwhelmed or confused by our treatment plans.

In every treatment session, I start out with an analysis of your posture. I look at the physical and biomechanical aspects of the problem, and determine how it is affecting the rest of the body, or vice versa.

With every new patient, I check their meridians or do a bioelectric nutritional scan to find what organs or systems need help.

Finally, I educate. I teach my patients exercises they can do at home to help with the process of correcting the root problem.

Before your visit

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing.
  • Please be on time and allow me the time needed for each patient.
  • Please read and complete our patient agreement form and bring it to your visit.

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